life-changes.jpgThis is my first blog ever.Ha! Frankly,i never thinking of my own blog before,i used to think it’s just a waste of time,but actually it’s not that true right.Well,maybe by using blog my speed and skill of typing can be improve,so it’s very usefull aftr all.

 Wonder wat should i write in my first post….

Maybe a lil bit why suddenly i started use blog.

I m on holiday nw,it’s really a nice holiday for e year end wif christmas just past and new year coming soon.I just thinking wat should i do in my holiday except shopping,hang out,surf e net and fulfill my thirst of reading all those fiction books which always popped out in e middle of my struggling to study for e exams.(bad habit)Today,out e blue i remember of my fren’s blog,desy,and then thinking of using one as well.Then,at last im here writing all these stuff.I found it’s quite fun writing like this and at the same time can improve my english and hopefully can ease my problem a lil bit when im writing essay for my exams 😀 & of course my typing skill as i mentioned above.

Just hope i will continue to fill in this my only blog wif a lot of post,which means i will keep posting and update my blog later even when the school is starting again.

Last but not least,keep looking for e purpose of ur life which is why e journey of ur life exist! 



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