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A sudden urge to write

March 29, 2015

I am not sure what to write specifically though..

Just completed a 20 eps korean drama in less than 2 days hehehe, it was a cinderella story drama.. it was such a pleasure to watch this kind of drama, although i have to come back to reality at the end of the eps. Not sure whether it is actually a good thing that i fully aware that those pretty wonderful love story as played in the drama is not real. Is it good to actually believe in those kind of stuffs? Will I ever know the answer? I believe love do exist and doesn’t everyone lives because of the existence of love?

Memories and childhood experiences do really shape the lives and charater of a person, don’t they?

Come to think of it, I can not really remember my childhood memories in detail..hahaha. This should be common right?

This post is really a random post with no topic at all.. Those are the things that were in my mind though, sometimes I have just think far too many weird stuff. Tonight, i have just tried to write some of them down. 🙂


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I Did It! ^^

March 25, 2015

Thanks God, i passed my test drive finally. 🙂

Very happy that i eventually get the license that i’ve always wanted. Hehehe..

Well the question now is “what’s next??” Buying a car or not? Hahaha..will leave this question open for awhile.

However, on 23rd March 2015, the day I got my driving license, it was a sad day for Singapore as it was the day the nation lost their father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As a foreigner living in Singapore, I just learned that Mr LKY was a big contributor to today’s living standard, economics and politics of Singapore. Believe that’s why he was known as the nation founding father.

May you rest in peace, Mr LKY. I believe your life contribution to Singapore will always be remembered and will be pass down from one generation to another.

Singapore is a very lucky country to have you as their loyal citizen and prime minister. Wish we have one back in Indonesia as well. 🙂



Good Luck!

March 22, 2015


Yes, that’s what I realy really need tomorrow. I will do and try my best to pass the test this time. Pls it has been my 3rd attempt! I really want to get this done. (God, pls bless me for tomorrow driving test from 8.45am-9.30am. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.)

You’ve got all the knowledge and you know you can do it. All the best!!! Believe in yourself ok! You CAN do it!! Yeay! 🙂



Have Faith in Yourself.


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Yes, I am coming back :)

March 19, 2015

The week has almost gone, it just 1 more day before weekend come. Oh dont know why, now I am so looking forward to weekend where I can relax and hang out with my “weekends mate” hahaha.. I used this term because it is like a bunch of people so used of going out together on well not every but almost every weekends and hence become close to each other as time goes by. While some have been a very close friend and it just getting closer as we get to know more. However, one day you may get to think about it, do we really that close or it was just a mere habit of going out with the same people on every weekend and having chat on comfortable topics followed by posting photos on facebook and let the whole world know of your weekend activity and wish for their “like” on your post. Aren’t you just pathetic???

BUT a big BUT here! As what you wrote in the previous blog, happiness is doing what you love and love what you doing, so isnt it a happiness since going out with your “weekend mates” are the most enjoyable thing for you? Am I right?

Although “weekend mates” may be just together merely due to all of us staying in foreign country with similar goals and objective in life, it is also by chance and affinity that all of us can get along well through the past 5 years. Hopefully we will be able to keep this relationship as good as now and get stronger as the years add up. “Weekend mates” or “close friends” they called it, it is a relationship worth cherish for as they bring you happiness. 🙂

And here are some of those sweet memories that have been digitalised, I wont say old memories as they are going to stay in my heart for a very long time. ^^


Trying our recent favourite pose: CANDID pls! 😀


One of my soulmate chinese birthday which falls exactly on mid autumn day. Birthday cum Mid Autumn dinner Yr 2014


Birthday cum Mid Autumn dinner Yr2010


And this was for Year 2012 🙂


One of our weekend mates farewell dinner. Hope she is doing well now


One of my soulmate birthday gathering 4th Dec 2010


BBQ dinner Year 2012


One of my soulmate 3rd March 2015 brithday gathering


Movie nite date cum farewell dinner for a pair of my lovely couple friends Year 2014

So what will you call our relationship as? I guess the perfect word will be “family”, the one without blood relationship. :))

Few friendship quotes for thoughts 🙂


We are best friends


Friendship means understanding


Enjoy the little things in life


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Monday Morning Shines

March 15, 2015

Goooooood Morningggg Earthlings!!!!

And it’s Monday 06.55am, typing in the train..yes another experience.

Another fun filled weekend passed, time is clocking and i am trying to do more meaningful things before it runs out.

Be happy everyone and be blessed! Stay positive! You gonna have an awesome week ahead!


Be grateful to fully live and feel the moments!

Morning quotes to power up our day!! 🙂


Today I choose to live


Happy Monday!


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Trying to impress myself?!?

March 14, 2015

Well this is because I am coming back here for 3 consecutive days..when it is extremely rare, hope this will continue, and this blog gonna be the witness. 🙂

Tried out Chili’s @the Central Clarke quay, surprisingly the service was excellent. Though, we agreed that the food were on average. The pasta was nice but the cheese topping was not enough, makes the pasta a bit bland and tasteless. Decided to order their classic margarita, this is a real dissapointment. The tequilla is so little that it turns the margarita into a lime juice than an alcholic drink. As for the service, found that the waitress took our order, quite attentive as she offers to refill our drink when she saw empty glass of one of my friend’s bottomless iced tea. Surprisingly, she remembered her order. It was quite crowded last night, although this happened only once during our 2.5 hours long meal, she still deserves a praise. Right?

We then decided to have a stroll along clarke quay river. You definitely can feel the TGIF mode here when you see everyone just chill with a bottle of beers on their hand sitting relax and chat along the riverside bridge. Of course, we will not just have a night stroll there. With a group of 10 people, we managed to get a table at Harry’s. We still managed to catch their live band which ended at 10.30pm or 11pm. Chit chat over a bottle of Heineken, well this is Friday!! Personnally, do not really like beers as do not like the burping afterwards. Overall, yesterday was definitely a fun chatty night over foods and beers topped up with awesome chatty partners!! 🙂


thatpurplekimono ~~


On this day, Friday the thirteen.

March 13, 2015

Wish me a very Happy Happy Birthday!!!

I am thankful to God for giving me the chance to experience a living for 27 years and hope I will have the chance to create and share more living experiences for another 27 years.

I am thankful to my parents who has brought me into this world and teach, guide and be my guardian for all this time. No matter how bad, how ruthless I am, I know they will always care and I believe this is what family are for.

I am thankful to all my dearest friends for sharing their precious time with me and create those beautiful moments in my life. Also, be the place where I know I can rely on to share my problems and those stressful moments where my family may not understand. FRIENDS are indeed and extended family with no blood relationship. Agree?

Lastly, I am thankful to my own self for have living this life healthily and peacefully. Never stop to create beautiful moments and let more loves step into your life. OK?


Thatpurplekimono ~~


March 12, 2015

Coming back to this site after almost 8 years?!? For most people, 8 years is a huge number..huge enough for many things to happen, aren’t they? And then, you are asking yourself, what have happened during these 8 years in your life?? Well, and the flash back memories came in..Birthdays, weddings, first job, first paycheck, first branded bag, first duo overseas travelling, these are all the pretty memories that you will always cherished.. sleepless nights, work deadline, unpleasant arguments, disagreements, rejections, boring meetings and of course there will be the other side of those pretty memories.

You will then come to ask yourself, have you meet your life objective? have you really being happy like you always said to yourself and others? have you?

But then.. what is happiness?

This is just the emo time in your life and soon it shall pass as well. Friends and family is what I have now, am I not?

Looking back at myself 8 years or 10 years ago, I have set a high standards of myself and what my life will be, looking at my life now, I am just living what people might says “the simplest carefree life”. In short, I have reach that comfort zone stage of life where things go pretty stagnant and repetitive. Is this what people called mid life crisis? Holy no! I am not even in my 30s! No!

By tomorrow, I will reach 27 years living in earth! Is it a good excuse for emo time?!? Agree?

Then, 8 years vs 27 years.. how many things have happen or how much value have you gain in this 27 years of living in earth? A good question.

I believe everyone has their own mission to be accomplished. For me, I am still looking for that mission, yes, that mission.. hopefully, I have the chance to find this mission and successfully accomplish that mission in this life. *finger crossed* (can this be my birthday wish? )

Till next emo time…


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