Coming back to this site after almost 8 years?!? For most people, 8 years is a huge number..huge enough for many things to happen, aren’t they? And then, you are asking yourself, what have happened during these 8 years in your life?? Well, and the flash back memories came in..Birthdays, weddings, first job, first paycheck, first branded bag, first duo overseas travelling, these are all the pretty memories that you will always cherished.. sleepless nights, work deadline, unpleasant arguments, disagreements, rejections, boring meetings and of course there will be the other side of those pretty memories.

You will then come to ask yourself, have you meet your life objective? have you really being happy like you always said to yourself and others? have you?

But then.. what is happiness?

This is just the emo time in your life and soon it shall pass as well. Friends and family is what I have now, am I not?

Looking back at myself 8 years or 10 years ago, I have set a high standards of myself and what my life will be, looking at my life now, I am just living what people might says “the simplest carefree life”. In short, I have reach that comfort zone stage of life where things go pretty stagnant and repetitive. Is this what people called mid life crisis? Holy no! I am not even in my 30s! No!

By tomorrow, I will reach 27 years living in earth! Is it a good excuse for emo time?!? Agree?

Then, 8 years vs 27 years.. how many things have happen or how much value have you gain in this 27 years of living in earth? A good question.

I believe everyone has their own mission to be accomplished. For me, I am still looking for that mission, yes, that mission.. hopefully, I have the chance to find this mission and successfully accomplish that mission in this life. *finger crossed* (can this be my birthday wish? )

Till next emo time…


thatpurplekimono ~


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