Trying to impress myself?!?

Well this is because I am coming back here for 3 consecutive days..when it is extremely rare, hope this will continue, and this blog gonna be the witness. 🙂

Tried out Chili’s @the Central Clarke quay, surprisingly the service was excellent. Though, we agreed that the food were on average. The pasta was nice but the cheese topping was not enough, makes the pasta a bit bland and tasteless. Decided to order their classic margarita, this is a real dissapointment. The tequilla is so little that it turns the margarita into a lime juice than an alcholic drink. As for the service, found that the waitress took our order, quite attentive as she offers to refill our drink when she saw empty glass of one of my friend’s bottomless iced tea. Surprisingly, she remembered her order. It was quite crowded last night, although this happened only once during our 2.5 hours long meal, she still deserves a praise. Right?

We then decided to have a stroll along clarke quay river. You definitely can feel the TGIF mode here when you see everyone just chill with a bottle of beers on their hand sitting relax and chat along the riverside bridge. Of course, we will not just have a night stroll there. With a group of 10 people, we managed to get a table at Harry’s. We still managed to catch their live band which ended at 10.30pm or 11pm. Chit chat over a bottle of Heineken, well this is Friday!! Personnally, do not really like beers as do not like the burping afterwards. Overall, yesterday was definitely a fun chatty night over foods and beers topped up with awesome chatty partners!! 🙂


thatpurplekimono ~~

Snapshots of birthday gathering

Snapshots of birthday gathering


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