Yes, I am coming back :)

The week has almost gone, it just 1 more day before weekend come. Oh dont know why, now I am so looking forward to weekend where I can relax and hang out with my “weekends mate” hahaha.. I used this term because it is like a bunch of people so used of going out together on well not every but almost every weekends and hence become close to each other as time goes by. While some have been a very close friend and it just getting closer as we get to know more. However, one day you may get to think about it, do we really that close or it was just a mere habit of going out with the same people on every weekend and having chat on comfortable topics followed by posting photos on facebook and let the whole world know of your weekend activity and wish for their “like” on your post. Aren’t you just pathetic???

BUT a big BUT here! As what you wrote in the previous blog, happiness is doing what you love and love what you doing, so isnt it a happiness since going out with your “weekend mates” are the most enjoyable thing for you? Am I right?

Although “weekend mates” may be just together merely due to all of us staying in foreign country with similar goals and objective in life, it is also by chance and affinity that all of us can get along well through the past 5 years. Hopefully we will be able to keep this relationship as good as now and get stronger as the years add up. “Weekend mates” or “close friends” they called it, it is a relationship worth cherish for as they bring you happiness. 🙂

And here are some of those sweet memories that have been digitalised, I wont say old memories as they are going to stay in my heart for a very long time. ^^


Trying our recent favourite pose: CANDID pls! 😀


One of my soulmate chinese birthday which falls exactly on mid autumn day. Birthday cum Mid Autumn dinner Yr 2014


Birthday cum Mid Autumn dinner Yr2010


And this was for Year 2012 🙂


One of our weekend mates farewell dinner. Hope she is doing well now


One of my soulmate birthday gathering 4th Dec 2010


BBQ dinner Year 2012


One of my soulmate 3rd March 2015 brithday gathering


Movie nite date cum farewell dinner for a pair of my lovely couple friends Year 2014

So what will you call our relationship as? I guess the perfect word will be “family”, the one without blood relationship. :))

Few friendship quotes for thoughts 🙂


We are best friends


Friendship means understanding


Enjoy the little things in life


thatpurplekimono ~


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