A sudden urge to write

I am not sure what to write specifically though..

Just completed a 20 eps korean drama in less than 2 days hehehe, it was a cinderella story drama.. it was such a pleasure to watch this kind of drama, although i have to come back to reality at the end of the eps. Not sure whether it is actually a good thing that i fully aware that those pretty wonderful love story as played in the drama is not real. Is it good to actually believe in those kind of stuffs? Will I ever know the answer? I believe love do exist and doesn’t everyone lives because of the existence of love?

Memories and childhood experiences do really shape the lives and charater of a person, don’t they?

Come to think of it, I can not really remember my childhood memories in detail..hahaha. This should be common right?

This post is really a random post with no topic at all.. Those are the things that were in my mind though, sometimes I have just think far too many weird stuff. Tonight, i have just tried to write some of them down. 🙂


thatpurplekimono ~


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