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Today I am disappointed

April 14, 2015

I disappointed with people. Suddenly said that his thing is very urgent need to rush. Documents sent in immediately. Keep insisting need to finish fast. Wasted 1 and half hr of discussion. Again and again. Those people. Worse part is, I am rushing my boss because of this then now I have to let her know that it is not needed anymore. Worst part of all, I am the one asking about the documents that he promised to give and he then informed me that I no longer need to do the work!!! Bullshit!!!! Bullshit!!!! Of course I said is okay if not, do you expect to tell this story and that I have started the work! Disappointed! Then there is no particular reason somemore! So how shall I tell my boss!! Shit!!! Haisss

At the end of the always come back to this feeling..always..It always disappointed in people but more disappointed in myself to not able to change and not realise own weakness!

If I know I have weakness why can’t I change?? Too many too many..

At the end of the day, it will always come back to me myself and I!



Have I done my best?

April 4, 2015
Look at this and remember how dreamy you are! Work yourself out if this dreamy stuff

Look at this and remember how dreamy you are! Work yourself out of this dreamy stuff

Just read a life story of a self-made woman, who claimed that she will do her best even if she were to work in a big company because live life once is enough. This has made me think, has I done my best?  I keep dreaming of living a life where I can travel to anywhere, having a happy family and money will not be our problem. And I keep asking how do I do it how do I get it? But what have I done so far for me to enjoy all those stuffs? Ohh to add, I also keep dreaming of having a small business.. so full of dreamsss!!

What have i done so far?? Still working in a small firm with staff less than 20, afraid to go to bigger company because afraid of the stress.. Too comfort with current situation, always hangout with the same people, afraid to meet new guy because afraid of rejection. All in all, I realised I have done nothing to claim the kind of life I have always wanted!!!!

So, now you have realised, what shall you do then????

Pls stop blaming yourself but get your butt out of this ok!! Pls believe that you can do it and put your best effort in everything you do! So what if it is a small firm,you shall excel here and unless you find the word success pls dont ever think of changing! You are here so you can have time to do other things, find that other things and at the same do your best on your work!! You believe you can do it then you can do it!! So what if you always hangout with the same people, be your best and treat them the way you want to be treated and see what you will get in the end! If you can not find new guy new environment, work the best out of you to get the best out of all the current situation! Changes is not always the answer to everything, if you never accept and work the changes out, sudden changes you made will just get you back to square!!


People walks in and out of your life, only those that really care will stay no matter how hard life is.