Today I am disappointed

I disappointed with people. Suddenly said that his thing is very urgent need to rush. Documents sent in immediately. Keep insisting need to finish fast. Wasted 1 and half hr of discussion. Again and again. Those people. Worse part is, I am rushing my boss because of this then now I have to let her know that it is not needed anymore. Worst part of all, I am the one asking about the documents that he promised to give and he then informed me that I no longer need to do the work!!! Bullshit!!!! Bullshit!!!! Of course I said is okay if not, do you expect to tell this story and that I have started the work! Disappointed! Then there is no particular reason somemore! So how shall I tell my boss!! Shit!!! Haisss

At the end of the always come back to this feeling..always..It always disappointed in people but more disappointed in myself to not able to change and not realise own weakness!

If I know I have weakness why can’t I change?? Too many too many..

At the end of the day, it will always come back to me myself and I!



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