How do you want to live your life?

I just realised that it was such a pleasure to read my own blog back. How can I have written my own mind and feeling in such a detail and real? I have coming back here as I having the same feeling again.. not sure what and why but the feeling of “boredom”, i guess it is this, struck me hard now. And as I thinking of how to change this, you know what, I found the answer in one of the blog I written before. Those sentences hit me back real hard. ~ Change does not necessary lead to good thing, sudden change or unplanned change will just bring you back to square! How true it is! Unless you have a clear picture of the changes, be the best and get the best out of these whole current situation! The changes may just come by itself.

So everyone want to live a happy life, but how do you want to live a happy life?? What is a happy life? Is it a life that makes you happy or is it you being happy in living your life?


Remember, accepting yourself fully is the first step in living a happy life. When you fully accept your feeling, thinking, doing, you will realise that you worth living and this realisation will lead to understanding of yourself, of why you do this and why you dont do that. You will happy cause you understand and accept the actions, whatever they are and no matter how people judge them cause you believe in what you do will only bring good cause you know you are happy.

I know it is still very hard for me to accept and to believe in myself. At least, I will try okay and I hope those sentences will remind me in time when I need. 🙂

So, it is you who choose the way how you shall live your life. If you choose happiness then create one, if you cant find one. You know you worth it. 😊😊

Be your own guardian at all times. At least you got yourself even if you cant find anyone who truly loves you. So loves yourself more as you will need the strength coming out from yourself a lot! 😁


Please be reminded…

Yourself who loves you always,



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