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Having a relationship with yourself

June 26, 2016

This is a thought that come through me over a sunday dinner with myself.

Do you ever wonder how to work out the best relationship with everyone?

I have a complete family that I know I will always be proud of them, I have a bunch of friends who will ask me out occassionally n share their stories with me, I have an occupation with fair pay, but when I feeling down and the need to share problem I can’t seem to find anyone who will care to ask me how I am doing, what is bordering me, or who have let me down.

So I wonder, will there be a person out there who will truly cares of someone. I really really would like to meet a true relationship either family, friends or couples who truly cherish, respect and care for each other. If only I could do this to my relationship. I thought I have tried my best to be neutral and as positive as possible towards all my relationship. However, I guess these feeling never reach those people as I realised I may have been taken for granted. All I want is to have a peaceful and true relationship where evryone can speaks out their mind and the other party shall understand and do not mind the ugly truth. Everyone is not perfect, so am I. I have tried my best to understand everyone, and I am not a saint, I do have weaknesses and bad characters. Sometimes my help may not be sincere, my words may like a swords, my attitude may be arrogant and childish. But there are times I really sincerely help, listen, thoughtfully giving opinions, congratulate for happy occassions and feeling bad with serious issues. And really, all I want is for everyone to have a peaceful relationship with each other, no bad feeling nor bad comments for each other. Well, surely there are imperfection, and if one does not agrees or dislike other attitude, one shall be able to freely speaks out and both shall let the matters clear with no hard feeling or disrepectful with each other. If the relationship worth the fight, both shall accept and understand each other weaknesses and shortcomings as both understand no one is perfect. This is my definition of true relationship. True relationship is not where one keep giving in and the other keep pushing and demanding an understanding from the other. True relationship is not where one has been taken for granted. True relationship is not where one can not freely speaks their mind out without feeling bad for the other. True relationship is not where one keep forgiving and the other keep doing the same mistake. True relationship is about cherishing, respecting and accepting each other strenghts and weaknesses.

Again, where in this world can I find this kind of relationship? Is this even realistic? In movies and stories we saw and heard, this bond appears in relationship between a mother and her children. I think of my mother who has 5 children, I know she does loves us with all her heart as I know she will be the one who worries the most with her children life and awake in the middle of the night worrying and disspointing with her children weaknesses. However, I also know she can not really accept and respect all her children shortcomings and we as children do not really cherish and respect her love. This creates gap between my mother and us.

So I thought maybe the most true relationship shall be with ourselves, aren’t they? But I know there are plenty of times where I disrespect myself and unable to accept my own weaknesses. Since I can not have true relationship with myself how can I find a true relationship with others, right?

The key to a true relationship shall have a mutual respect and understanding of each other. Unconditional love may not happen all the time in a true relationship but once this happen it will create a strong true relationship. The key is that respect, care, understand and having equal status is essential in all relationship. Everyone shall equally have the right to speak out, to feel angry, to feel disspointed.

I will try from now on to speak out my mind clearly and not to keep trying to understand others quitely.

Have a good night and stay positive~~





Some Friday Thoughts

June 10, 2016

Thinking of you on my way to work this morning! Surprise? 🙂


Think positive and everything you do is right

I am gonna remind myself that I am grateful for living this simple humble life granted by God. I am grateful for having a good health, good five senses and peaceful mind to do these daily stuffs. I am grateful for having family who cares and speaks right to the point, it does hurts as what ugly truth always be. I am grateful for being able to do things that I have always been wanting to do. I am grateful for being able to have the time and money to travel with my family and friends. I am grateful for having work in a company which gives me chance to improve myself and do things that I want to do like learn driving, travel, gym, hang out with friends, current activities are muay thai and pole dance. And I am grateful to have friends accompany me doing all these stuffs.

Gonna have this positive feeling till end of the day and remind myself that I ever have this positive feeling everytime when I come back here feelong down.

Let gratituity brings out the best in me. 😊